Yousaf Mir

Partner | FSI Enterprise Technology Lead | ServiceNow Lead at Deloitte Middle East

Yousaf Mir

Emaar Square, Building 1

Downtown Dubai


United Arab Emirates


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Yousaf is a Partner at Deloitte, where he is responsible for FSI Enterprise Technology In the Middle East. Yousaf also serves as the leader of Deloitte's ServiceNow practice, which assists clients in harnessing the power of optimized workflow management technologies.

Yousaf has over 20 years of experience and has worked extensively throughout the world, assisting clients in transforming their businesses through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. He has a particular interest in Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Fintech/Emerging Technology, and IT Strategy. He maintains a strong international network of clients and major vendors, and he has served as a valued advisor to key decision makers in both the commercial and public sectors over the course of his career.

Yousaf Mir