Hjá Deloitte er starfandi atvinnugreinahópur sem aðstoðar fjármálafyrirtæki í að mæta og laga sig að breyttum kröfum áherslum innan atvinnugreinarinnar. Alþjóðavæðing, aukin samkeppni og örar tæknibreytingar þýða auknar kröfur til fyrirtækja sem bjóða upp á þjónustu fyrir fjármálafyrirtæki.

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Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value

The financial services industry has undergone a transformative shift in recent years.  Today, financial institutions are facing increased pressure from both regulators and shareholders.  But, there are ongoing challenges in areas such as capital, costs, economic conditions, and risk management.

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Going up?

This paper considers the potential impact of the impairment standard and actions that credit institutions can take to prepare for the possible impact on regulatory capital of the proposed standard. It highlights differences between the Basel and IASB concepts of expected loss.


Resolution Planning

Large SIFIs are feeling the impact of regulations being imposed around the world and for many, developing mandatory resolution plans will be difficult. Resolution plans must demonstrate how the organization can resolve itself without creating systemic risk.


Deloitte U.S. Center for Financial Services

The Center for Financial Services, part of the U.S. FSI group, is a source of  insights on the important issues in the financial services industry.


Meeting the Retirement Challenge

This cross-FSI report, based on survey conducted by the U.S. Deloitte Center for Financial Services, analyzes the five barriers inhibiting many Americans from taking a more disciplined approach to setting their retirement goals and how financial services institutions may be able to overcome them.

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Improving product, client, and advisor profitability in wealth management

With some market segments, including mass affluent clients, there are important opportunities for future growth. Wealth managers can return to healthy margins by analyzing the current business for improvements and taking action to positively impact the main profitability drivers.


Fair Value Pricing Survey, Tenth Edition

This survey show that mutual fund firms continue to refine their fair valuation practices & procedures, especially as external events inevitably force the industry to react. In this report, new survey questions shed light on governance and oversight, risk management, technology, and human resources.

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Deloitte Analytics

Learn how organisations have applied analytics to better understand the present, and more accurately predict the future.


Elements for successful growth in financial services

This survey of 200 financial services executives from around the world revealed that after a turbulent and defensive period, financial services companies are starting to refocus on growth. Firms will need the right balance of elements: Getting fit, managing, controlling and staffing for growth.

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Keeping promises

In the current challenging economic environment, a customer-centric approach can be a driver for growth and profitability, help defend against new entrants and ensure financial services institutions meet their regulatory obligations.