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Tæknifyrirtæki, fjölmiðlar og fjarskiptafyrirtæki (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) starfa í síbreytilegu innra og ytra umhverfi. Við hjá Deloitte fylgjumst vel með öllum breytingum í þessum geira og aðlögum þjónustu okkar að þörfum þessara fyrirtækja í góðri samvinnu við Deloitte Global.


Global Merger and Acquisition Services

Deloitte advises corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. 

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Urgent convergence: Fostering Risk Intelligence in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industries

With convergence trends accelerating in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industries, the landscape is rapidly changing. Convergence can inspire fundamentally new business models, restructure value chains and shift the balance of power.

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EMEA Technology Fast 500™ Program

Read the eligibility requirements & more.


Cyber Security services

Private data, intellectual property, cyber infrastructure, and even military and national security can be compromised by deliberate attacks, inadvertent security lapses, and the vulnerabilities of a relatively immature, unregulated global Internet.  



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