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Deloitte á samfélagsmiðlum

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Fylgdu okkur á samfélagsmiðlum til að missa ekki af nýjustu fréttum, myndböndum, rannsóknum, starfstækifærum, myndum, atburðum og fleiru frá Deloitte á Íslandi, aðildarfélögum Deloitte um allan heim og alþjóðafyrirtækinu, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL).

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Deloitte Global Insights is a regular audio news podcast series that focuses on issues that impact the business community worldwide. Programs take a cross-border view of topics like globalization, technology, talent, sustainability, corporate responsibility, innovation, and much more. Subscribe to the podcast series to receive the latest episodes automatically, or listen to them now on your personal computer.

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