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Mjög svo áhugaverð ráðstefna um IFRS 9 verður haldin í Öskju, húsi Háskóla Íslands þann 1. júní nk. frá kl. 9-13. Verð á ráðstefnuna er kr. 45.900. Skráning er á netfanginu skraning@deloitte.is

Skráning er á skraning@deloitte.is

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Steinþór Pálsson, stjórnarformaður SFF

Overview of IFRS 9
Tom Millar, Partner Deloitte UK

IFRS 9 - Impairment Explained
Dr. Jason Paul Benton, Deloitte UK

Overview on IFRS 9 Interpretation and Related International Developments
Tom Millar, Partner Deloitte UK


Results of the 5th Global IFRS Banking Survey
Tom Millar, Partner Deloitte UK

Quantitative Impact Data and Modelling Challenges
Damian Hales, Partner Deloitte UK

Impairment Implementation Strategies
Damian Hales, Partner Deloitte UK

Signý Magnúsdóttir, meðeigandi hjá Deloitte á Íslandi

Skráning á ráðstefnuna er á netfanginu skraning@deloitte.is

Sérfræðingar Deloitte UK, Tom Millar, Partner, London

Tom specializes in advising clients on financial instrument accounting measurement issues.

Tom has been heavily involved in the firm’s response to the changes to the accounting standards governing financial instruments (IFRS 9) working with clients to understand the current proposals and prepare for implementation and is in regular dialogue with the IASB and regulatory bodies in his role as leader of Banking Accounting change for the Financial Services Audit practice. Tom is currently chairing the ICAEW’s response to the Basel Consultation Paper to provide ‘Guidance on accounting for expected credit losses’.

He has been involved in numerous IFRS transition projects, including an audit validation for the European operations of a major US bank. More recently, Tom has been the engagement partner for a number of UK IFRS 9 projects across all areas of IFRS 9.

He recently performed a 166 review of impairment at a large UK lender and has been the engagement partner on AQR exercises for the ECB.

Sérfræðingar Deloitte UK, Damian Hales, Partner London

Damian is a Partner, within the Risk and Regulation practise and has over 19 years experience in the financial sector and specialises in Credit Risk Management across the full credit lifecycle (from origination to collections and recoveries), IFRS 9, Capital management and Programme Management. 

Damian leads Deloitte’s Credit Risk and Impairment Transformation offerings, additionally, he also sits on Deloitte’s IFRS 9 Steering Group, developing the Firm’s response to the new financial instruments standard, and is a regular speaker at conferences on these topics.

With Deloitte UK, Damian has advised banks of all sizes from Challenger banks to large UK and European banks on impairment, credit risk management, capital management, and program management. 

Sérfræðingar Deloitte UK, Jason Benton, Manager, London

Jason specializes in advising clients on financial instrument accounting and credit risk.

Jason has over 6 years’ experience within the banking sector prior to joining Deloitte including 4+ years regulatory risk and wholesale credit policy experience at Group level with a focus on impairment / provisioning policy interpretation and implementation (IAS 39 / 37; IFRS 9), forbearance, and problem credit management.

He is a member of the accounting advisory group and Deloitte’s Centre of Credit Excellence where is he leading the development and roll-out of corporate loan loss provisioning advisory / audit tools.

Jason has been heavily involved with IFRS 9 initiatives including: led the impact assessment of a challenger bank’s assets against IFRS 9 classification & measurement rules; led impairment operating model assessments for IFRS 9 EIR, reporting and disclosures and supported assessments of client expected credit loss modelling approach, stage allocation and actuals / forecasting processes.

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