Samir, Principal

Financial Advisory, United States

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I am motivated to uncover the insights that data can provide. In my role as the lead for Analytic & Forensic Technology (AFT) in the Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP Federal Practice, I love helping the U.S. Government deal with difficult problems such as reducing tax fraud and uncovering money laundering.

On a broader scale, I help clients find anomalies and patterns in massive amounts of data both after the fact and in real time. We use the findings to detect fraud, waste, and abuse.  Throughout my consulting career, I’ve worked with clients in the financial services industry in both commercial and Federal markets. My combined experience in the areas of finance, technology, and analytics has made me successful.

My most memorable project was assisting an inquiry committee looking into corruption in the implementation of a humanitarian effort in the Middle East. By using rules-based and advanced analytics on massive amounts of disparate data, we uncovered more than a billion dollars (US), in fraud, waste and abuse.


Deloitte U.S. stands out in the market because we bring analytics and technology skills along with deep analytics functional knowledge to our clients. When I joined I never thought that analytics would become so mainstream and such a growth area.

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