Webinar | The Future of Banking

The Future of Banking

Tuesday 12 November 2019, 11:00 CET

The Nordic region has everything going for it: It is digitally advanced, happy, safe and sustainable. But this is not the first thing people think of when they think of their banks. Banking is changing beyond recognition. For a lot of banks, however, cleaning up the past is still a top priority.

Few bankers would disagree that in 10–15 years from now, banks will look very different – at the same time, they don’t see the doomsday disruption happening in the immediate future. So what is the future of banking, and how can banks remain relevant in the future?

Key take-aways
  • Banking is changing beyond recognition – but will it happen differently than expected?
  • Banks still have time to be part of their own transformation
  • Nordic banks have a unique opportunity to be world leading (or they will end up as commodities)
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Meet the speaker
Chris Vialle

Deloitte Nordic

Chris, Partner in Monitor Deloitte Nordic, is based in Copenhagen and focuses on financial services, specifically on Banking, across the Nordic region. He has 15+ years of experience addressing strategic issues for business leadership and boards. Bringing in a customer perspective and a deep banking knowledge, Chris addresses strategic and critical questions of banks and the future of banking.

Before joining the Nordic practice, he was part of the Monitor Deloitte Strategy practice in New York and in Amsterdam and has served clients all across EMEA, North America and Asia.