Webinar: The Future of Health Care

The Future of Healthcare

Wednesday 20 November 2019, 11:00 CET

What is the current state of healthcare and can the sector adapt to what is coming? The healthcare sector can ill afford to neglect the clear signals that “Winter is coming!” And instead of staying on the current course, there is an urgent need to prepare for a soft(er) landing into the future.

But what are the developments in healthcare, and how can you strategically align your organization to be fit for the permanent state of change looming on the other side of the wall?

Key take-aways
  • The current state and developments of healthcare
  • How to identify and react to the looming changes
  • How to strategically align the organization to the new environment
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Meet the speaker
Lucien Engelen

CEO, Transform.Health; Faculty, Exponential Medicine at Singularity University; Edge Fellow, Global Strategy on Digital Health leader, C4E
Deloitte Center for the Edge

As an Edge Fellow for the Deloitte Center for the Edge, Lucien leads Global Strategy on Digital Health and pushes the needle on a global scale for the needed change of the operational model and the “Healthcare User-Experience” or the “H-UX”, as he coined it. He helps corporates understand and act on the current and future grand challenges within healthcare and aims to (re)shape the healthcare sector.

His modus operandi is always challenging, creative, sometimes provocative but always techno-realistic. His goal is to prepare for a “soft landing into the future”, meanwhile creating a sustainable global healthcare for all.