Wearable Computing: Mobile's Next Frontier

Thursday, 16 January, 2:00 PM ET

The convergence of people, places, devices, and the Web, along with the ability to overlay information and services on physical space and objects, have the potential to transform business and everyday life. But what new challenges might wearable computing technology present for businesses?

  • An overview of wearable computing and how it relates to augmented reality and the Internet of things.
  • Wearables design principles and implications, including security and privacy concerns.
  • Business scenarios being explored by early adopters in the health care, consumer products, and entertainment industries.

Discover how wearable technologies hold the potential to revolutionize your business.

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Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart

Director of research, TMT

Duncan is the Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Research for Deloitte Canada. He is a globally recognized speaker and expert on the forecasting of consumer and enterprise technology... Meira