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Rising Stars 2016 Winners

CrankWheel and Florealis

At the second Icelandic Fast 50 – Rising Star event held on 16 November the companies CrankWheel and Florealis were chosen by an independent panel of experts as the Rising Stars. Rising Star, is held in collaboration with the Confederation of Industries, Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland, Islandsbanki and Innovation Center Iceland.

The winners will be invited to attend Slush in Helsinki which is held on 30 Nov. – 1 Dec. In addition, Islandsbanki, provided the companies with a grant of EUR 5.000 each. 

CrankWheel is the most practical way to share your browser tab or screen with a customer. Your customer never needs to install any software, as CrankWheel works on practically any device or browser. With CrankWheel you can visually explain complicated concepts over the phone, that you wouldn't be able to explain with just a phone call.


Florealis is a pharmaceutical company offering broad selection of herbaceuticals for mild common diseases. We have our first nine products ready and they will be marketed in Sweden and Iceland early next year.


The Rising Star Jury chose in total 6 Rising Star applicants to pitch at the Fast 50 – Rising Star event. These companies were, in addition to CrankWheel and FLorealis: Ankra, Karolina Fund, Guide to Iceland and Tagplay. The Fast 50 – Rising Star event was held on 16 November on the 20th floor of the Deloitte Tower in Kopavogur. Each finalist had 3 minutes to pitch his/her company in English and these presentations will be made available soon.


Ankra develops and markets premium dietary supplements & skin care products using unique ingredients from the pure ocean surrounding Iceland, where collagen is the main ingredient. Ankra markets its products under the brand name Feel Iceland and is currently selling in Iceland and Denmark.

Karolina Fund

After running an Icelandic reward based crowdfunding platform since 2012 with a world record success rate of +70%, Karolina Fund is developing the Karolina Engine to softwareise and standardize a best practices business solution in crowdfunding.

Guide to Iceland

Guide to Iceland has developed a marketplace software for travel booking and communities, called Travelshift. The company has grown rapidly in a very short time with more website traffic than all of its competitors combined and a monthly turnover in the millions of dollars.


With using Tagplay brands can combine their social media and web strategy. Tagplay is turning social media into a content management system so brands can automatically update their website using their own content and user generated content from social media.

Rising Stars Judges

-  Almar Gudmundsson, Managing Director of The Federation of Icelandic Industries Samtaka iðnaðarins

-  Bjorn Berg Gunnarsson, manager at VIB Wealth Managament and islandsbanki

-  Bala Kamallakharan, investor

-  Gudrun A. Saevarsdottir, Dean School of Science and Engineering at Reykjavik University

-  Helga Waage, founder and CEO of Mobilitus

-  Hilmar Bragi Janusson, Dean of the School of Engineering and Natural Science at the University of Iceland

-  Sigridur Ingvarsdottir, Managing Director of Innovation Iceland

-  Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir, Chairman of the Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland

Rising Stars presentation - Ankra

Rising Stars presentation - CrankWheel

Rising Stars presentation - Tagplay

Rising Stars presentation - Florealis

Rising Stars presentation - Guide to Iceland

Rising Stars presentation - Karolina Fund

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