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Rising Stars 

2015 Winners

At the first Icelandic Fast 50 event held on October 23rd the companies Kúla 3D and Authenteq were chosen by an independent panel of experts as the Rising Stars. From now on Deloitte Iceland will each year announce the fastest growing Icelandic technology companies and Iceland‘s Rising Stars, in collaboration with the Confederation of Industries, Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland and Innovation Center Iceland.

In 2015 the two Rising Star winners and Fast 50 winner were invited to attend Deloitte‘s Entrepreneur Summit in Dallas. Around 100 investor groups (PE funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices) from around North America, Europe, and Asia attended the Summit. The winners met with 8 of those groups at 1-on-1 meetings where they discussed their companies and possibilities to co-operate.

Kúla 3D

Kúla 3D makes 3D lenses and software to capture 3D pictures and videos with normal cameras such as DSLR and smartphone cameras. The software can export 3D images and videos into any 3D format. The solution is fun, simple and affordable and Kúla plans to launch 2-3 such products every year.


Authenteq is an online biometric passport that verifies users identity across multiple Peer to Peer marketplaces. Authenteq eliminates risk associated with anonymity while users retain their privacy, leading to increased trust and transparency in online payments. This in return results in increased user experience and higher revenue for online marketplaces


-        Almar Gudmundsson, Managing Director of The Federation of Icelandic Industries Samtaka iðnaðarins

-        Bala Kamallakharan, investor

-        Gudrun A. Saevarsdottir, Dean School of Science and Engineering at Reykjavik University

-        Helga Waage, founder and CEO of Mobilitus

-        Hilmar Bragi Janusson, Dean of the School of Engineering and Natural Science at the University of Iceland

-        Sigridur Ingvarsdottir, Managing Director of Innovation Iceland

-        Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir, Chairman of the Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland

Rising Stars presentation - Kúla 3D

Rising Stars presentation - Authenteq

Rising Stars presentation - geoSilica

Rising Stars presentation - Solid Clouds

Rising Stars presentation - dent & buckle

Rising Stars presentation - Flygildi

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