Soon it will be tomorrow (Presto sarà domani) The Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan: an opportunity of change for Italy

A short film directed by Michele Placido, music by Academy-Award winning composer Nicola Piovani and starring Riccardo Scamarcio and Carolina Crescentini.

Soon it will be tomorrow (Presto sarà domani)

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan represents a massive turning point for our country, offering an unprecedented opportunity for change.

Italy is set to receive € 191 billion in both repayable and non-repayable loans, to be invested until 2026 in innovative projects. Of these, about €  83 billion, more than 43% of the total amount, will in fact be dedicated directly to Innovation. The investments and reforms of the Plan are aimed at improving technology, modernizing infrastructures, and encouraging virtuous behavioral models in the country, building a whole new legacy for generations to come. On these assumptions, we can say that the Europe and Italy of tomorrow will be places where it will be pleasant and easy to live: here, the technological and human dimensions will converge, to finally remodel and innovate systems and infrastructures, in harmony with our needs as citizens.

With the 5th edition of the Innovation Summit, we wanted focus on this incredible opportunity for the future of Italy. We decided to use an unprecedented channel to represent the change we hope to see:  cinema.

Our constant commitment to innovation has in fact determined the desire to push ourselves even further, using the power of Cinema to inspire the business community, speak to the heart of people and give us all a down-to-heart and yet poetic perspective on our future.

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Key contact

Andrea Poggi

Innovation Leader DCM e capo delegazione Deloitte del B7