FinTech Talks Magazine #Issue 5

Meet the MetaFi

Despite the global crisis and the rise of inflation are hindering investments and slowing down the market, FinTech innovation is still alive. New ideas and new technologies are on the rise offering new possibilities and the promise of a new revolution looming at the horizon with the coming of the Metaverse. The fast evolution of Web3 technologies and the vast popularity of concepts like virtual world, NFT, Virtual and Augmented reality are making digital worlds increasingly more immersive and intertwined with physical reality.

Even though the technology seems immature, Metaverse is expected to impact 2,5% of global GDP by 2035, according to Deloitte estimates. Therefore, we should still consider carefully what might be its impact on the digital world and on Financial services in particular.

The fifth issue of FinTech Talks Magazine is an attempt in picturing what Metaverse is and what it might be. And what can happen at the intersection between this new immersive reality and Financial Services. Starting from the insights and the ideas generated at the VII Edition of FinTech Talks – FinTech and the rise of the Metafi, together with some other hot trends that will shape the FinTech domain in the next year.

  • Manuel Pincetti, Head of Strategic Transformation and Growth Practice, Monitor Deloitte
  • Calum Chace, AI, Web3 and Metaverse Expert, Author of Surviving AI
  • Nicolaus Preuss-Neudorf, Co-Lead Metaverse Lab, Deloitte
  • Lara Sophie Bothur, Voice for Innovation Topics, Deloitte
  • Nino Bergfeld, Director Retail Advisory & Co-Founder Web3 Studio, Saleforce
  • Matthew Gardiner, Founder, A1 AI
  • Theo Priestley, CEO, Metanomic
  • Lorenzo Cappannari, CEO, AnotheReality
  • Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder, FTS Group
  • Giacomo Mazzanti, Partner & Fintech Community Leader, Deloitte
  • Lorenzo Rigatti, Co-Founder, BlockInvest
  • Carlo Donadio, Head of Tech Assets and Incubation, Officine Innovazione
  • Luca Giuratrabocchetta, Partner & Cloud FSI Community Leader, Deloitte
  • Ilenia Robusto, Partner & Insurance Leader, Deloitte
  • Massimo Tonassi, Partner, Deloitte