Experience Analytics Bootcamp 2020

Analytics Now

Monday 30 – Tuesday 31 March 2020 | Hotel Nhow | via Tortona 35, Milan

The Italian Analytics & Cognitive (A&C) event in numbers

3 PLENARIES: The Italian Deloitte A&C Bootcamp event will provide plenary sessions including a vendor round table and a startup presentation to let all the attendees get familiar with the latest trends and technologies of the Analytics & Cognitive framework

20 SESSIONS: Engaging workshops and breakout sessions will be held by Deloitte experts, co-facilitated by Deloitte technological Partners to give a glimpse of today’s state-of-the-art technologies and illustrate some of the A&C key projects

1 SPEED DATE: The Speed Date session will give Bootcamp attendees the chance to interact with Deloitte experts and their partners in a very direct and effective way. All participants can ask for advice on technology trends and the main topics in analytics

20+ SPONSORS: In order to create an impactful event and engage with new technology tools, sponsors and vendors are invited to join the event as well, giving the attending organizations a unique exposure that can catalyze lead generation during the event

50+ CLIENTS: The Bootcamp will create visibility for our A&C offering, both in the eyes of current Deloitte Clients (generating cross-selling opportunities) and Prospect Clients, enhancing our business relationships and market visibility

~150 PARTICIPANTS: The event will be an opportunity to build relationships and facilitate instant meetings between Deloitte experts and clients. This will give us the chance to demonstrate and promote our solutions, as well as to receive valuable insights

Main Themes

AI enable machines to replicate human actions and judgement with robotics and cognitive technologies, automate repeatable tasks to improve business efficiency and uncover hidden patterns to identify new opportunities for innovation 

The development of technologies to manage large number of data, which arrive at very high frequency and in heterogeneous formats, require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization. 

Leverage actionable insights is the way to achieve measurable business growth through personalized content and communications. The connection between data, content, technology and services is the secret recipe to provide a more connected human experience.

Focuses on establishing organizational constituencies and a framework of policies, processes, and enabling technologies to ensure that enterprise data is owned and stewarded accurately and consistently to meet business goals

Developing a strategy for analytics will help to align corporate objectives, create a vision and describe how to achieve this vision. It helps organisations leverage existing capabilities and prioritise where to focus to maximise return on investment 

Concern any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization software.

Day 1 | 30 March

Time Session Room
16:30 Registration and welcoming Networking Area
17:30 Opening Speech Networking Area
18:00 Guest Networking Area
18:30 Cocktail Networking Area

Day 2 | 31 March

Time Session Room
8:30 Breakfast Networking Area
9:30 Deloitte Analytics POV Plenary Room
10:00 Guest & Partner round table Plenary Room
11:00 Coffee Break Networking Area
11:30 1° Parallel Session Training Rooms
12:30 2° Parallel Session Training Rooms
13:30 Lunch Networking Area
14:30 Start up Plenary Room
15:00 Speed Date Training Rooms
15:30 Sponsor Breakout Training Rooms
16:00 3° Parallel Session Training Rooms
17:00 IDO Survey Preview and Closing Networking Area

Key contact

Alfredo Maria Garibaldi

Alfredo Maria Garibaldi


Alfredo ha un’esperienza di circa 25 anni nel mercato ICT maturata in realtà di Consulenza e di System Integration. Da sempre focalizzato su Analytics e Information Management, opera come Senior Advis... More