FinTech Talks Magazine

The recovery enablers

The first issue of the bi-annual magazine comes from the learnings of the Fifth edition of Deloitte FinTech Talks event and at the same time it wants to pave the way for starting a global debate on the new era of FinTech.

The pandemic has turbocharged this transition warping 10 years of change in a few weeks. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty, many FinTech companies are under stress on a number of fronts. Access to funding was already becoming difficult, especially for some early-stage ventures, as many investors focused on established FinTechs with clear business models. In addition, recent interest rate cuts and the economic slowdown have radically changed many industry assumptions.

FinTech Talks Magazine arises from the need to analyze this context with a global perspective. The combination of Deloitte experts combined with the experience of international startups, make this magazine not only a set of pages, but especially a space for discussion and collaboration.

In this issue Deloitte brought together the main actors of FinTech:

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