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Eighth Bruges European Business Conference

Brexit and European fianancial marketes

College of Europe, Bruges campus (Dijver) | 25 April 2017

The College of Europe (Bruges) and Deloitte are organising a one-day conference on 25 April 2017, bringing together high-level policy makers, businesses leaders and eminent academics, to discuss developments in the European financial sector following the decision of the UK to withdraw from the EU.

We are delighted to welcome keynote speaker, Valdis Dombrovskis, European Commission Vice-President for the Euro, Social Dialogue, Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, who graciously agreed to address the conference.

The European financial sector is in a state of flux. The United Kingdom (UK) has voted to leave the European Union (EU), creating uncertainty about market access, the evolution of EU financial regulation and possible policy fragmentation. The prospects of businesses across Europe will be affected by the forthcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK. London, one of the leading international centres for banking, sovereign bond issuance, derivatives, currency exchange and expert financial services, may lose its special position in Europe, as financial institutions and operations move to other EU Member States.

EU and national policy makers, investors, financial institutions and businesses in general are pondering the likely impact of these developments and considering their next steps. It is, therefore, appropriate to take stock of recent changes in policy and corporate strategies in the European financial sector, and identify possible outcomes.

Workshops will be led by a panel of leading scholars, business representatives and EU officials; they will produce proposals that will be put to the final plenary session of the conference and will be disseminated widely to stimulate further public debate.

The full list of speakers, background information on the workshops and other information can be found on the conference website

Participation is free