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Deloitte is Amazon Lookout for Vision launch-partner

Enhance the quality of your products and lower operational costs: Computer Vision has never been so simple thanks to Cloud and the joint efforts of Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Today’s manufacturers must deliver better products faster, to keep their competitive advantage. As competitors become more aggressive by the day, technology is the key ally to foster the evolution of processes and operations.

Leveraging our close collaboration with AWS, Deloitte is one of the first companies in the world to test hands-on Amazon Lookout for Vision – the innovative Computer Vision solution that automates quality control process and ensure better quality products with lower operational costs, giving every company a sound competitive advantage.

Computer Vision made simple on cloud

Following a recent survey made by Deloitte in collaboration with the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), since beginning of 2020 62% of organizations kept their investment in Smart Manufacturing alive or accelerated their projects, incrementing their investment by 20% over 2019.

Computer Vision, combined with AI/ML solutions, is one of the top technologies leading the innovation. It allows companies to minimize errors in the production chain, accelerating lead-time and maximizing client satisfaction, compared to traditional error-prone human inspection.
However, Computer Vision tools have high costs and high complexity, require advanced skills in AI/ML and time to be implemented.
The new Amazon Lookout for Vision, together with Deloitte deep expertise, addresses the problem at its roots, making Computer Vision simple, fast and accessible.

The game-changer in Smart Manufacturing

Amazon Lookout for Vision will radically change your organization’s Computer Vision tools, addressing the most common issues enterprise face with this solution.

  • Effective: detects scratches, anomalies and missing components even when objects vary in orientation and angle. Algorithms can be trained continuously to become more precise every day.
  • Quick access: available on cloud to enable light-speed deployment
  • Scalable: the solution is scalable over different products, productions lines and entire plants.
  • Skill Set: does not require in-house ML/AI expertise

Thanks to Amazon Lookout for Vision, you will have a fast, low-cost and no-code solutions, that can launch its first algorithms quickly, while training pre-defined models to detect product anomalies. Its simple architecture and low data-science skills required, allows you to deploy Lookout for Vision on large scale in no time.

Deloitte & Amazon Web Services
Powerful. Proven. Possible.

Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS) unites the world’s largest professional services firm with the world’s most mature and comprehensive cloud platform into one powerful, proven force that delivers global cloud transformation and business results to enterprises around the world, with speed and scale.

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