Deloitte & Geotab

Evolving telematics to build the future of Fleet Management

Deloitte Consulting Srl is the first Deloitte member firm in Europe to join forces with Geotab. The new alliance supports businesses in their efforts to better manage their fleets and understand the TCO of their vehicles. Through this strategic relationship, both companies share a customer-centric approach, with the aim of delivering premium value to businesses across different industries.

Together we create a new offering of services and products, weaving together Deloitte’s strategy capabilities in the transportation and fleet management domain and the know-how of one of the market leaders in the telematics and Connected Vehicle space.

Deloitte and Geotab offer you the capability of connecting all vehicles in your fleet via a smart and robust system, leveraging data management capabilities that can offer real-time information to both clients and employees.

Connected to the Future

Our analysis of the industry and experience with organizations implementing telematics suggests that a large minority of companies have effectively experienced tangible benefits from their approach to the technology.

Deloitte’s Telematics Maturity Model identifies 5 levels to assess the maturity of your fleet, capturing the critical elements required to reach higher levels of maturity.

  • Level 1 – Disconnected Fleet: minimum or none telematics capability. Operational costs are high and driver safety awareness is very limited.
  • Level 2 – Technology Led: technology led implementation of telematics. Usually sold on large business benefits but limited use of data, poor integration with legacy systems and low engagement with drivers. Employees consider telematics a possible threat to their privacy and a breach of working surveillance acts.
  • Level 3 – Limited Visibility: The organization uses telematics systems to track vehicles. Employees have better grasp of the telematics potential and operational processes are scarcely adjusted to embed telematics capabilities. Foundational safety benefits as well as financial outcomes due to lower fuel burn.
  • Level 4 – Embedded: a standard operating model for telematics is embedded in the organization. Data-insights lead to a cultural change significantly improving driving behavior across majority of the fleet and to optimization in fleet operating costs.
  • Level 5 – Insight Driven: Data becomes the fuel of the fleet. A Drive Safe culture has been established and there is a flow-on effect to other parts of the organization. Financial and safety benefits are methodically realized. Data is the core asset for continuous improvement.

Our experience and industry reviews show that substantial safety benefits and return on investment can be achieved when an organization reaches Level 4 on our Maturity Model. However, most of the organizations are currently set between Level 1 and Level 3.
Reaching the maximum level of telematics Maturity means much more than integrating Geotracking in your vehicles. An insight driven fleet unlocks the full potential of your fleet, using core operational data and processes to help drive a radical transformation of your business, substantially augmenting safety benefits and ultimately positively impacting ROI.

Deloitte’s Value Proposition

Geotab’s innovative solutions, combined with Deloitte’s premier system integration capabilities and deep industry expertise, will enable customers to connect their fleet and unleash a fully “insight-driven” organization
The benefits in terms of safety come hand in hand with the reduction of management costs, helping to make fleets safer and in parallel, more efficient. Near real-time tracking and customized dashboards allow you to move your business towards your goal, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

What is the value of a connected fleet?

A connected fleet supports:

  • Productivity: Enhance fleet and driver management, planning routes to reduce time and costs.
  • Right-sizing: Reduce the overall TCO of the fleet, monitoring the actual usage of the vehicles and asset depreciation to right-sizing your fleet. Save on fuel consumption and save up to 20% on maintenance costs using predictive maintenance.
  • Safety: Monitor driver behavior and safety belt use, providing in-vehicle coaching to help enhance safety and support the reduction of costs related to on-road incidents.
  • Sustainability: Reduce CO2 emissions and help protect the planet. Collaborate with municipalities to receive tax breaks.
  • Compliance: Assess compliance to laws and to your fleet’s internal policies, including privacy mode and tachograph data.
  • Customization: Open platform that can be integrated with third-party systems through APIs and SDKs.

By connecting your company’s fleet you will create an ecosystem that helps to maximize your fleet performance and your drivers’ safety.

Find your own way

Deloitte’s deep understanding of the telematics domain makes it possible to tailor Geotab solutions on the specific needs of each client.

Why Geotab?

Deloitte and Geotab provide more than a standard telematics tool, offering an end-to-end solution that includes award-winning hardware and software, places top priority on security and testing and best-in-class performances from start to finish.

  • Integrates perfectly with fleets of every kind. Ability to work with third party telematics hardware.
  • USB expansion port allows for seamless addition of new abilities.
  • Simple and easy to use interface to create rules and reports to answer all your fleet and operating cost questions.
  • Less than 0,4% failure rate to ensure highest level of up time.
  • Automatic collision retrieval and reconstruction using stored data.
  • Supports fleet electrification goals using 1:1 comparison to evaluate the impact of the transition to and operating of EVs.

Thanks to Deloitte’s System Integrator capabilities and its positioning as a leader in IoT Consulting, Geotab Cloud Platform enables your fleet to run at its full potential and gives you the total ownership over your data.

Telematics and connected vehicles

Fleet management evolved

The rise of 5G and advanced IoT tools allowed vehicles to be truly connected. Their capabilities go way further than on-board entertainment and driver experience enhancement, they can impact the Fleet management domain at a business level, transforming companies’ fleets into an asset that can generate competitive advantage.

Learn more about Deloitte capabilities in the Telematics domain.

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