Connect with Deloitte at Connect to Innovate 2018

October 2-3, 2018 | Nieuwegein, Netherlands

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Reimagine digital enterprise transformation

How can you strategically innovate and prepare your organization for tomorrow’s challenges? How can you leverage SAP technologies to activate the intelligent enterprise—a truly digital enterprise that can generate the kind of results you will need in the future? Start by reimagining everything. Get started by connecting with Deloitte at Connect to Innovate 2018 (October 2-3, Nieuwegein, Netherlands).

Whether you want to modernize the digital core, transform the finance function, reinvent the customer experience, empower the workforce with new digital tools, get more value out of the supply chain, or do something else with SAP solutions, Deloitte has insights that can help. Get them at Connect to Innovate 2018!

  • Meet the Deloitte team in Nieuwegein to reimagine everything and learn how you can transform your business with machine learning, blockchain, IoT, advanced analytics, data intelligence, and other digital capabilities enabled by SAP technology.
  • Learn about the Deloitte Reimagine Platform, a portfolio of ready-to-deploy solutions built around the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.
  • Get our latest take on the SAP Intelligent Suite of offerings, including SAP Customer Experience—and find out about the innovative things we can help you do with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP C/4HANA customer experience suite.
  • Take a journey into the future of work and learn and how Deloitte can help you leverage SAP SuccessFactors solutions to prepare for it.
  • Discover the innovative capabilities Deloitte can help you enable with SAP Integrated Business Planning and SAP Ariba offerings—to help turn your supply chain into a powerful and adaptable engine of value.
  • Stop by one of our two speaking sessions for insights on SAP technologies, or visit our booth to explore the art of the possible with solution demos.

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