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Maan Hamadeh works in the consulting practice in the Middle East.  But this is where normal stops. How many Deloitte people have a YouTube video that has had 26.3 million views?

Maan’s story depicts how Deloitte people could make an impact not only through their work but also through their talent and global outlook to different cultures.  Maan is now an ambassador of a project that touches people across the world.  

Music started with Maan at the age of 4 when he played both the keyboard and piano by ear. He later joined bands around Lebanon when he was 14. Music became Maan’s passion, and his interest was to combine Western and Oriental music for people to appreciate the universality of music as a communication platform that surpasses geography and culture.   Wherever he found a keyboard or piano, he would sit and play his international mix of music.

At the age of 23 he moved to Dubai to join Deloitte Middle East’s consulting team. He believes that music has enhanced skills that are relevant to every Deloitte professional such as active listening, discipline, focus, creative approach to problem solving and working with diverse cultures in a practice that has over 30 nationalities working hand in hand to serve our clients.

In August 2012, and during a tour to Europe, Maan found a piano at Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport. His spontaneous performance playing Beethoven’s “Für Elise in Different Taste” went viral on YouTube getting over 17 million views in two months and racking up more than 26 million until March 2016. His Für Elise tops the list of Street Performance Top 10 video collection.

Maan is now well known as an ambassador of Play Me project worldwide. The project is intended to challenge the prohibition of playing music in public places without special arrangement. It prompts members of the public to use the piano, regardless of skill and popularity, and aims to encourage people to "take ownership of their urban environment".

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