Forensic Investigations



Interrogate. Analyse. Investigate

Deloitte Forensic can help you manage both external and internal risks and vulnerabilities that come with the ever changing regulatory landscape around corruption, fraud, and other threats. We help analyse allegations of financial mismanagement, address whistleblower allegations, conflicts of interest, abuse of position, respond to government regulator requests, and can prevent or detect problems before they occur.

Our global network enables us to conduct extensive fact-finding and investigations anywhere in the world, with service offerings in anti-corruption/anti-fraud consulting, corporate investigations, and foreign corrupt practices act consulting.

How we can help

Our Middle East professionals have played critical roles in investigating some of the largest fraud and anti-corruption investigations in this region. Our practitioners are well versed in current fraud schemes, typologies and methods across a wide range of industries.  We have investigated issues specific or endemic to the Middle East region, including corruption and bribery investigations (with emphasis on local and international laws), abuse of position, and conflicts of interest. We have worked extensively with the government, government-owned businesses, finance, health and oil and gas industries, and are familiar with specific fraud risks relating to those sectors, as well as the unique aspects of the Middle East region.  

Whilst each forensic investigation is different, and the scope of our services frequently varies, our team draws upon their backgrounds in forensic accounting, forensic technology, data analysis, specialist investigating, law enforcement, industry and their region specialism to provide a unique, triangulated approach to each investigation including:

  • Reconstructing transactions and financial statements from incomplete or inconsistent records
  • Interrogating financial transactions and records
  • Analysing, simplifying, and reporting on sophisticated financial transactional data
  • Investigating and interviewing internal and external parties
  • Investigating allegations of bribery and corruption
  • Addressing whistleblower allegations 
  • Responding to regulator requests
  • Asset tracing and recovery