S.A.G.E. by Deloitte 

The Deloitte Framework to establish a leading Higher Education institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

The insight you have been waiting for to establish a leading higher education institution and to accelerate the transition to a knowledge-based economy

Vision 2030 aims to diversify the Kingdom’s petroleum-based economy and to drive sustained growth through a knowledge-based economy. This has resulted in the rise and fast development of many new sectors, which require a dedicated workforce.

The Saudi educational sector is making great efforts to cater to these emergent sectors’ requirements; however, it seems that there is a need to accelerate these efforts.

We at Deloitte have recognized this need and based on our global expertise and local experience we have developed the S.A.G.E. Framework.

The framework covers critical elements of establishing a leading educational institution structured around three main building blocks:

  1. Strategic Direction – Setting up for success by defining the cornerstones of your institution’s forward-looking strategy 
  2. Academic Value Proposition –Bringing unique qualities to your students that will differentiate you from your competition  
  3. Growth Enabler – Setting up the support system of your organization, that will enable you to deliver on your promises

The overall learning that we would like you to embrace is that you need to adopt a phased approach in your endeavor. Starting from the institutional model to your academic offering, accreditation, and organizational structure you need to prioritize actions that will enable you to develop a Minimum Viable Proposition for your institution that can be scaled and improved throughout the years.

Incrementally develop an institution as a platform capable to bridge the academic path of young graduates with professional opportunities, by implementing a balanced portfolio of innovative programs and curriculums, with an early introduction of short courses, webinars, workshops to equip young talent with the preparatory skills necessary to approach more structured academic programs. 

Finally, engage early in the game with three main stakeholders: (1) accreditation stakeholders to reduce accreditation timeframe, (2) the institution’s leadership to ensure quick and affective activation, and (3) the right partners that will bring to the table the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to ensure early success.

S.A.G.E by Deloitte
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