Doing business guide Kuwait

Understanding Kuwait’s tax position

Kuwait has been attracting international attention for the momentum of its transformation taking place under the ‘Vision 2035’ initiative which aims to transform Kuwait into a world-class financial and commercial centre. In line with ‘Vision 2035’, Kuwait has streamlined its regulations to attract foreign capital to invest in the non-hydrocarbon sectors.

Deloitte has created a series of Business Guides to help clients who are maintaining a business or looking to invest in countries across the Middle East.

Doing Business Guide Kuwait” is a document which includes a summary of key tax areas for investors. The topics covered in this guide include the Kuwait Tax Law, audit, accounting, and filling the requirements, labor and employment laws, and foreign direct investment among other key subjects as listed below:

  • • About Kuwait
  • • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • • Taxation in Kuwait (Tax law, Tax administration, Tax retention rules, Taxability on joint ventures, Tax treaties, Taxes on Kuwait companies, other taxes) 
  • • Employment and labor landscape (employment contracts, visas, work permits, wages, social security, working hours and overtime, leave, health and safety, termination indemnity)

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a better understanding of the issues discussed in this material. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our tax specialists on the following page.

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