Musa Ramahi

Partner | Audit & Assurance

Musa Ramahi

Emaar Square, Building 3

Downtown Dubai


United Arab Emirates


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Musa is a professional accountant with over 20 years of working experience, progressing within Deloitte into his current position as Audit Partner – a position he has been carrying since 2012.
As a lead client service Partner for several accounts, Musa provides a range of assurance services to public interest entities (PIEs) and large global institutions. He also serves clients operating across various other industries, such as: construction, real estate and financial services.

During his career at Deloitte he has worked in multiple international markets, namely: Australia, UK and lastly in UAE since Nov 2009. While working in such large markets, Musa has gained significant experience in providing assurance and financial advisory services to sophisticated conventional and investments banks, securitization structures, investment management companies and private equity houses.

Throughout his career Musa was seconded to several financial institutions in the UK to work in the product control function, as well as being part of the technical accounting team working on Lloyds and BOS merger in the UK.

As an audit professional leading a range of audit, assurance, expert witness, due diligence and transaction services engagements to clients operating in international markets; Musa developed a thorough knowledge in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in addition to various markets’ regulations and practices.

Musa Ramahi