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Launching Japan Chapter of 30% Club

Initiatives for Building a Sustainable Society

"30% Club" is a global campaign that started in UK in 2010, to promote women representation in important decision making bodies, such as boards. Deloitte Tohmatsu Group played a major role in founding the Japan chapter of 30% Club to establish and develop a sustainable society and across all the business boundaries.

What is 30% Club?

30% Club is a global campaign to improve women representation at executive positions, for sustainable corporate development and growth -which had been started in UK in 2010 and now has expanded to 14 countries/regions including Japan. 
Women representation ratio at FTSE-100 listed companies used to be 12.6% at the time of establishment in 2010, has exceeded 30% in 2018.  The annual average growth rate has seen the rise from 5.9% to 12.0%, significantly contributing to empower women executive representation.

30% Club Official Site  - English Brochure

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Vision of 30% Club Japan

Proper gender balance in corporate decision-making bodies -such as the board of directors and/or management team, etc., is the key to stronger corporate governance and promoting sustainable growth, which in turn strengthens Japan's competitiveness and contributes to the construction of a sustainable Japanese society.  30% Club will be a comprehensive and effective platform where corporations, institutional investors, governments, media, professional firms, universities, etc. to collaborate to achieve gender diversity. 

Success Factors of 30% Club

30% Club Japan believes that structural reform is necessary to accelerate corporate diversity.  Structural reform requires discussions from the various different stakeholders' view, and eliminating "group think" of decision makers.  Through institutional investors, media, government, executive search firms, 30% Club Japan is able to effectively address the issues of diversity from the top.   At the same time, various organizations such as professional firms and universities work together to broaden the women pipeline.  This integrated approach is a characteristic of 30% Club, which allows diversity to accelerate not just at the top, but at all layers of organizations. 

Initiatives that Drive Change

30% Club plans to hold a variety of initiatives and events with expert guest-speakers to achieve diversity at the corporate top, including board of directors and management teams. 

Contact Information:

Michiko Tadamatsu
Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting
Social Impact / 30% Club Japan Founder / Campaign Manager

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