To contribute to sustainable growth of Japanese companies and economy, Deloitte Tohmatsu provides a new breakthrough approach oriented to corporate executives; Deloitte Greenhouse.
An innovation facility featuring elements of "harmony, respect, purity and tranquility" from the Japanese way of tea.
A bamboo grove entrance called "Mind-changing tunnel" invites you to the extraordinary.


Frameworks built on empirical data, research, and cumulative learnings from thousands of Greenhouse sessions globally.

Immersive and Interactive

Exercises based on behavioral research, social psychology, and group dynamics to engage both individuals and teams.

Cutting-Edge Data Analytics and Visualizations

Interactive, intuitive, insight-rich visualizations that make come to life.

High Tech and High Touch

State-of-the-art technology and facilities which incorporate physicality, data visualization, and design thinking.

Experienced Facilitators

Specialized intervention, disruption, alignment and consensus training to accelerate breakthroughs.

Consciously-Designed Environment

Movable panels, flexible furniture, and an intimate space built to spark conversation.

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