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Promoting Diversity & Inclusion at Deloitte Japan

Deloitte Japan established the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which includes the Deloitte Japan CEO and the CEOs of our 4 major businesses as members, with the aim of speedily and reliably promoting Diversity & Inclusion. This structure aims to actively involve top management in D&I promotion, so that each professional understands the importance of Diversity & Inclusion, and this culture is permeated throughout the business.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Deloitte Japan established the Diversity & Inclusion Committee in October 2016. The Deloitte Japan CEO leads this initiative, and is assisted by the CEO’s of our 4 major businesses among others. Together they will promptly and reliably promote diversity & inclusion as an important effort at Deloitte Japan.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Deloitte Japan Diversity Office

Until now, each of Deloitte Japan's 4 major businesses individually promoted diversity initiatives. In order to promote Diversity & Inclusion efficiently and consistently, we have set up a Deloitte Japan Diversity Office and are planning and managing all of Deloitte Japan's Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

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