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Deloitte Japan's Diversity & Inclusion: Message from the Deloitte Japan CEO

At Deloitte Japan, we regard Diversity & Inclusion as an important management strategy and are working to strengthen our efforts. The Deloitte Japan CEO and CEOs of our 4 major businesses set high targets and are actively involved in Diversity & Inclusion efforts to achieve these goals.

Deloitte Japan CEO message

‘Talent of People: Respect the individuality of each person, and create a fulfilling workplace in which individuals can make full use of their abilities’ is one of the management philosophies at Deloitte Japan. As a professional services firm, we believe innovation is created by combining each professional's expertise, leading to a product that can only be created by 'our people'. Therefore one of our important D&I management strategies is creating an environment where excellent people want to work, by cultivating a climate which recognizes diverse values ​​and promotes collaboration. This is our daily challenge.

In October 2016, we launched the "Diversity & Inclusion Committee" and appointed, starting from top management level, people in charge of extracting and sharing issues, and monitoring progress at each of our main businesses. We are promoting Diversity & Inclusion activities speedily and reliably as a group. As such, we  have set 6 important themes of which notably "Work-life balance" and “Women’s advancement" are urgent issues at Deloitte Japan. These 6 important themes are: 1. Company culture change, 2. Women’s advancement, 3. Work-life balance, 4. Supporting our nonnative community, 5. Supporting our LGBT community, and 6. Supporting professionals with disabilities.

My personal experience of staying in the United States has made me realize that diverse values ​​create great innovation. We will provide high-quality services to our clients and contribute to the development of the economy by creating a diverse workplace where all our people can demonstrate their full potential in an environment where gender, nationality, culture, LGBT, disability and other forms of diversity are fostered and mutually respected.

Deloitte Japan CEO

Yoichiro Ogawa


Deloitte Japan numerical targets for 2020

“Women’s advancement" is an important theme among our efforts to promote diversity. Deloitte Japan has also set numerical targets for 2020, as one of the priority measures in the 2020 Group medium-term management goals. We will actively develop measures to achieve our targets.

Deloitte Japan numerical targets

•Female Partner & Director ratio:11%

•Female managerial ratio:21%

Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC numerical targets

3 female board members, 1 female executive officer

Links to numerical targets to promote women’s advancement in each company

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC (Japanese only)

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (Japanese only)

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC (Japanese only)

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. (Japanese only)

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