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Diversity & Inclusion events

We hold various events aimed at deepening each professional's understanding of and active participation in Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity Week

Deloitte Japan held its first ever Diversity Week from September 5th to 13th 2016.

The aim of Diversity Week is to provide a further step in the promotion of diversity by understanding and noticing that we are all subject to diversity ourselves, which is a change from the ‘diversity is about others’ traditional point of view.  

Day 1: The New style boss

Day 2: Working with colleagues with disabilities

Day 3: Thinking about long-term care and work-life balance

Day 4: What's LGBT?

Day 5: Recognizing unconscious bias

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​TWin Project events

Our professionals Resource Group "TWin Project" aims to support a win-win lifestyle both at work and at home. (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC)

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TWin Day

Every year we hold events relating to diversity promotion, in the form of lectures by external professionals or partner discussions. This gives our professionals the opportunity to actively think about diversity based upon diversity activities at other companies, and this is an excellent opportunity for our professionals to gain new insights.

Roundtable lunch meetings

We hold a themed luncheon roundtable meeting every quarter to which all professionals are welcome to participate. professionals who are concerned about the subject can exchange opinions and share information. This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate anxiety about working methods and life events. It is also popular for professionals who are unable to engage in daily work to interact with their role models.


The Tokyo and Osaka offices hold the "Hello! Baby" event concerning maternity leave and childcare once a year. In addition to giving out information about provisions in our company and what is happening on the work floor, participants are able to interact and share opinions. Working mothers give advice on such topics as "nursery school entry procedures" and "how to readjust after returning to work“.

TWin Day

Family workplace tours


Since 2007 we invite professionals’ children to our offices once a year, so they can better understand their parents' work and the business they work for. As this event grows into a tradition, all professionals participate in giving the children a warm welcome and on top of that it’s an incentive to reflect on their own work-life balance. (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC)

DTC Family Day

On July 21, 2016, we held the "DTC Family Day“ summer family event. DTC Family Day is a family oriented event aimed at giving professionals' families more insight about the work contents of the consulting firm and the business and what kind of work their family member does. On that day more than 50 families visited the Marunouchi Building Office. (Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC)


Tohmatsu Challenged job coach training

On September 23rd  2016, we held a practical job coach training upon a request from the NPO Job Coach · Network (JC-NET). (Tohmatsu Challenged Fukuoka Office)

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Sign language class

We regularly hold 30-minute sign language classes at the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Tokyo office.

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