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Deloitte Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

We are all unique. Each one of us is different from anyone and everyone else. All those differences that make each of the individuals working at the Deloitte network unique represent many dimensions of diversity—and we are building a place where all of us can thrive.

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All of Deloitte Member Firms empower Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Women Empowerment Program

We support our female professionals from start to finish. We have women's programs in more than 50 countries around the globe, and it pays off. Here are a few examples.

Deloitte women's leadership launch

We attract top talent though initiatives like the Deloitte women's leadership launch, a 2-day program at Deloitte University in Texas where select first-year, female MBA/Masters students have the chance to network with peers, Deloitte Consulting LLP practitioners, industry experts, and successful alumni to discuss the importance of becoming a leader in today’s working world. 

Return-to-work programme

We support women who have taken time off work for life-events through programs like the UK's 20 week Return-to-work programme for those who have been out of the professional services workforce for more than two years. Many of the senior female professionals who participated went on to transition into permanent or contract roles at the firm.

Board-ready women program

We support women who want to grow through programs like the recently launched Board-ready women program in Singapore, which aims to encourage more female representation in corporate boardrooms and does so by preparing talented women executives for board service, and laying the ground work for future placements on public and private company boards of directors.

Inspiring women program

Another prime example of a program preparing women for executive roles is the Deloitte Australia Inspiring Women program, which led to Australia’s first Big Four female CEO, Cindy Hook. Deloitte’s Australia's leadership team has been very clear that Inspiring Women is not about experimenting with the latest fad, but recognising that gender equality requires a long term view and commitment to remain focussed on driving change.

Wellbeing: A place where people are healthy and happy

We aim to build a better working enviroment for all our professionals, which has led to a multitude of work-life balance programs around the world. Here are some examples.

Total Rewards program

On top of parental leave for birth or adoption, Deloitte US' Total Rewards program offers family leave, flexible schedules and gym membership to keep mind as well as body in perfect condition. Deloitte US also offers two sabbatical programs: an unpaid one-month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason; and a three- to six-month sabbatical that can be taken to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities in the areas of career development or volunteerism. While on a three- to six-month sabbatical, professionals continue to receive 40 percent of their pre-sabbatical base salary.

Workagility Framework

Deloitte UK's Workagility Framework provides a platform for professionals which helps them to manage the balance between demanding personal and professional priorities. They have received awards for a small network of trained mental health champions at Partner level, who employees can approach confidentially, outside of line management structures, if they have a mental health problem or concern. 

Deloitte Networks: A place where everyone feels at home

Many Member Firms have Deloitte Communities supporting our diverse professionals. Here are some examples of Communities around the world.


GLOBEDeloitte's LGBT+ network which is active in the UK, US, Netherlands and Australia, makes an ongoing material contribution through a number of key initiatives. One of these is the launch of the Deloitte LGBT+ Allies Programme, which enables non-LGBT+ professionals to make an open and lasting declaration of support for their LGBT+ colleagues. Other countries have their own initiatives like Canada's LEAD network.


Deloitte Dads was created in Deloitte Canada to help fathers achieve work-life balance at work. The network connects expectant, new and veteran fathers to share their experiences on fatherhood. They also help dads establish a work-life balance philosophy that translates into a happier life at work and at home. 


Many countries also have networks aimed at making minorities feel more at home, like the Cultural Diversity Network in The Netherlands, and many award-winning programs in Canada and the US aimed at nonnative professionals, veterans, and other minorities.

At Deloitte, we welcome and support everyone.

A place where we research and share our expertise on Diversity & Inclusion

The Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion , a manifestation of our commitment to inclusion, is where we will gather to engage with our people, clients and thought leaders to redefine inclusion in the 21st century workplace.

The establishment of a center such as this recognizes the promise of diversity: with clients, who are themselves increasingly more diverse, and in the marketplace, where no single point of view or way of seeing the world prevails.

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