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Important themes in Diversity & Inclusion

At Deloitte Japan, we divide Diversity & Inclusion into 6 important themes which we promote simultaneously. These are 1. Company culture change, 2. Women’s advancement, 3. Work-life balance, 4. Supporting our nonnative community, 5. Supporting our LGBT community, 6. Supporting professionals with disabilities.

6 Important themes in Diversity & Inclusion

1. Company culture change

With activities aimed at company culture change we aim to build a company culture which welcomes diversity, where all professionals understand and recognize the importance of diversity & inclusion and act accordingly. 

We are planning and implementing various initiatives to that effect. One such initiative is unconscious awareness training, which points out our biases and provides an opportunity to learn from the effects on others and what we can do about it .

In addition, we are promoting a number of initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of Diversity & Inclusion, such as hosting various networking events and sending out a newsletter, among others.

2. Women’s Advancement

We support our female professionalss by building a work environment that enables them to have high goals and a long career at Deloitte Japan. We support their training and promotion by setting educational goals.

We plan to conduct a number of training sessions which aim to improve female professionals' skills such as career-boost training for managers, and awareness change training for regular and junior staff.

In addition, we have implemented a training program for childcare and work balance and are implementing a career plan support and monitoring system for those returning to the workforce after a prolonged absence.

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3. Work-life balance

We expect that the number of professionals with time and work place constraints will be rising for various reasons. Not only the current childcare or housework, but future needs such as nursing care, injuries and illnesses are bound to increase.

Deloitte Japan actively introduces flexible working styles such as working from home, on top of continuing to step up efforts to reduce overtime work. We have also introduced financial subsidies for childcare and nursing care in order to support a better work-life balance.

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4. Supporting our nonnative community

Deloitte Japan welcomes professionals of various nationalities and builds them an agreeable working environment.

We organize various networking events to enable nonnatives to make friends irrespective of differences in culture or language, and are actively working at bilingualization of various materials and e-mails.

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5. Supporting our LGBT community

Deloitte Japan welcomes professionals from the LGBT community.

We are stepping up our efforts to eliminate bias, such as conducting training sessions in order to better understand what it means to belong to the LGBT community.

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6. Supporting professionals with disabilities

We are building a workplace where professionals with disabilities can be highly motivated and active.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC’s 100% owned subsidiary Tohmatsu Challenged Co., Ltd. aims to be a company where all professionals, irrespective of their disability, can make a difference. 

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