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Inclusion at Deloitte

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With a business built on providing clients our professionals’ knowledge and unique perspectives, Deloitte’s inclusive culture – one where all of our people can connect, belong, and grow – is critical to our business: It enables us to leverage all that makes us each who we are – talents, beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds – to deliver the richest, most valuable perspectives to our clients and the most engaging experiences for our colleagues. Learn more: http://www.deloitte.com/us/inclusion

Gender diversity at Deloitte - Teaser

<Deloitte Belgium>
Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is central to our purpose of making an impact that matters. Diversity in a group matters as much as ability and brainpower.

Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion - Globe

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GLOBE is an initiative within Deloitte that connects people who share affinity around LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). Japan is also a member along with other active member firms like UK, USA and Australia. Both people belonging to the LGBT target audience, as well as people that do have affinity with this (allies) are welcome to participate.

Inclusive Leadership at Deloitte

<Deloitte Global, by Juliet Bourke - Consulting, Partner in Australia>
Is “inclusion” a universally understood concept. Do employees in Germany and the United States, for example, interpret the word inclusion differently?

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