Life at Deloitte

Women’s advancement: building a firm where women can shine

We support our female professionals by building a work environment that enables them to have high goals and a long career at Deloitte Japan.

Training system improvement

Each of our businesses is implementing a system to support their female professionals' growth and career development. An individual development plan and sponsorship system will bring more women to the top by tackling possible issues and increasing their strengths.

Career-boost training

There are still women among us who, as a result of cultural background and traditions, lack self-confidence in their leadership skills. We provide effective programs on each level, from introducing work methods and diverse careers to our professionals, to specific training for Partners and Directors in order to instill them with strong leadership skills. 

Career program for mothers

Many women wonder if they can return from childcare leave and work like before, whether leaving early might inconvenience their colleagues and if they will still be able to get promoted. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC regularly carries out training to help returnees learn the skills and attitude required to realize balance between company and family. D&I develops this training for the entire group.

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