Our goal - What we strive for

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group aims to be selected as "Being the First Choice" from clients, and talented professionals from Japan and overseas -which is why Work Style Reformation has been one of the biggest themes. Based on the thought that each individual's work style leads to work performance and life style which in turn leads to the future of the Group, we promote initiatives that lead to the health of the members at source, which includes improving the mental health = value of working (mental health) + comfort of working (physical health).

Purpose of Work Style Reformation

Improve the Physical and Mental Health of our Members

The Meaning of Physical and Mental Health

  • Experience growth as a professional (quality over quantity)
  • Feel the significance of the work, and feel positive and motivated
  • Diverse members respect each other's individuality, uniqueness and strengths, and recognize that each has own style of working
  • Finding balance between work and personal life, and enhance personal life (e.g. child care, house chores, hobbies, self-learning) after work
  • Realize work style that does not restrict time and place of work
  • Select a working style according to each person's situation and role

Connection between People with Mindsets that Respect and Support Each Other

4 Approaches and Main Initiatives

  • Declaration of work style reformation by all Partners and Directors
  • Round table discussions related to work style reformation
  • Deloitte Speak Up" where anyone can raise their voice (a confidential channel that can be reached 24/7 from anywhere)
  • New office that accelerates One Firm (group synergy and collaboration)
  • RPA to increase productivity
  • Standardization and centralization of operations (Japanese language only)
  • Smart work (expansion of working-from-home/telework)
  • Implementation and expansion of tools that accelerate virtual collaboration (Skype, Yammer, Office365 etc.)
  • Implementation of Chatbot
  • Sharing examples of best practices through internal TV programs
  • Digitalization of reception work
  • Promotion of hot desking and paper-less work style
  • Work-life management for comfort of work
  • Performance management reformation (on-the-job training scheme that focuses on maximizing performance through real-time/frequent feedback and emphasizing strengths)
  • Coaching program that supports mid to long-term career development
  • Creating challenging opportunities for the latest/top-notch themes(Deloitte Tohmatsu Institute)
  • Providing a global learning and exchange ground (Deloitte University Asia Pacific)
  • Diverse career path support and transfer between groups (e.g. job postings)
  • Monitoring of experience through surveys
  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Alumni(strengthen the connection between Deloitte alumni and active members (Japanese language only))
  • Group monitoring of reducing long work hours, and reducing unused paid leave
  • Implementation of HR data digital application tool(Well me)(Japanese language only)