Deloitte Tohmatsu Designed Digital Talent Development Internship Program for Students and Post-Graduate Workers with Disability, in Partnership with KindAgent

Three stages, from digital talent development to actual work experience, offered entirely online over the course of five months.

This is an English translation of the announce issued by Deloitte Tohmatsu Group on April 13, 2023. If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and the English translation, the Japanese version shall prevail.

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 13, 2023

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group is now inviting students and post-graduate workers with disability to participate in Diverse Abilities Internship Program, designed with the support of KindAgent to offer digital talent development and job assistance opportunities. The application period is open until April 20.

Offered entirely online over the course of five months, the Diverse Abilities Internship Program comprises three stages, from basic digital skill study to application of these skills while working at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group. The program aims to develop a talented workforce with mid to long-term perspectives while respecting unique traits of individuals based on an understanding of characteristics of different disability. Participants are invited from all over Japan. After completing the program, participants are offered to go through an official selection process to work for Deloitte Tohmatsu Group.

People with developmental disability tend to have difficulty in getting jobs because they often have challenges in communications as part of their developmental traits and because individuals require different accommodations specific to their inherent abilities. On the other hand, some have extraordinary talents in areas such as pattern recognition, memorization, and math, making them potentially desired workforce in the digital field. People with physical disability may still have limited job opportunities even in today’s world which indicates there are more potential opportunities for them to contribute to society. In addition, there are disparities from region to region in terms of jobs and up-skilling opportunities for people with disability.

Recognizing these challenges, Deloitte Tohmatsu, in partnership with KindAgent, offers this program with the strong belief in the importance of developing talents from a mid to long-term perspective, regardless of disability, especially in the digital transformation (DX) fields in a way for Japanese corporations to gain more of a competitive advantage.

About Diverse Abilities Internship Program

Three-stage IT Learning Program

The first stage is designed for participants to learn the basics through an online IT learning program to be a digitally capable workforce. The second stage is mainly  about practicing their skills through virtual projects in order to build experience. Finally, the third stage of the internship program will be on-the-job training (OJT) at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, allowing participants to further develop practical skills. The first and second stages also include career education and discussions, helping participants to be aware of how the skills and tools they have learned can be useful in their future career. While respecting the disability and individualities of the participants, instructors meet them in person periodically to provide learning support.

Self-care Training Including Counseling and Psycho-educational Therapy by Physicians and Psychotherapists

During the program period, specialist physicians or psychotherapists track the states of participants and provide learning support through counseling and the use of ICT tools. In addition, to help participants gain stable work experiences, psycho-educational therapy related to mental health is offered as part of the program. This way, participants can understand and be comfortable with their disability and learn how they accept their disability. Through the course of the program, participants are supposed to learn how to care for themselves mentally to be themselves at work, and to have a good picture of where they want to be in the future.

Offering an Online Program and Job Opportunities at Deloitte Tohmatsu

Offered fully online, the program is ideal for people living outside of major cities who may have limited access to IT skill education. After completing the program, participants are offered to go through an official selection process for remote-work at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, one of the largest professional firms in Japan.

Through this internship program and its alumni network, Deloitte Tohmatsu aims to raise awareness of disability and inclusion across the Group, and to foster a corporate culture of respecting disability, which should be regarded as individuality and diversity, not as obstacles. The Group believes that this in turn will help its business growth strategies.

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Deloitte Tohmatsu’s Commitment to Members with Disability

Deloitte Tohmatsu is committed to encouraging active participation of members with disability. Joining The Valueable 500 in April 2021 is one example of our commitments. In 2022, the firm was recognized for a Workplace Award in the Disability Matters Asia Pacific 2022, which celebrates organizations leading inclusion of people with disability. Presently, more than 280 members with a disability (the number of members who have and disclose the possession of disability certificates; as of April 2023) work for Tohmatsu Challenged Co.,Ltd. and Deloitte Tohmatsu Corporate Solutions LLC, both Deloitte Tohmatsu Group entities, with 96.7% of them working for more than two years.

In particular, Tohmatsu Challenged, a special purpose subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, has been working to promote active participation of members with disability since 2006. Having a number of members with developmental disability, whether intellectually impaired or not, Tohmatsu Challenged has a history of supporting and educating individuals in a way to develop their unique strengths. The company now plays a central role in promoting the inclusion of members with disability across the Group and shares its insights while working closely with different members of the Group. In April 2023, Tohmatsu Challenged started offering a pre-employment program for workers seeking shorter working hour opportunities which helps their long-term career development through step-by-step training.

About KindAgent

Upholding an honest and creative mindset, KindAgent caters to people with disability as well as people who need accommodations in working and proposes employment solutions for challenges faced both by employers and those seeking job opportunities. Our principles are to work passionately and honestly with companies which employ people with disability as well as people who need specific accommodations in working; to work kindly and honestly with individuals who have difficulty working; to bring about a society in which anybody can realize their potential through working, where companies do not hire people with disability to fulfill a legal quota of disability employment.

See the details for application for Diverse Abilities Internship Program (in Japanese)

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