Service offering for THL

We deliver wide range of services, not only Financial & Tax due diligence, but also Business due diligence, Valuation services, Buy side advisory and Sell side advisory.

Financial and tax due diligence

We can uncover and quantify industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities; identify hidden costs, contingencies and commitments; discover tax exposures; evaluate historical and projected cash flows; assist in structuring purchase price adjustment mechanisms; assess the target company's internal control environment; understand the impact of regulatory matters on the target company's industry; and evaluate employee benefits, information technology systems and risk management practices.

Business due diligence

Working with colleagues from Consulting and the broader Deloitte network, the team provide our clients with a coherent overview of the business operations, performance gaps and the potential for rapid improvement, and are able to provide insight on key deal issues and opportunities even when working on transactions where limited access or information are available. The approach taken by the team is highly pragmatic, issues focused and is based on extensive experience of supporting clients at all stages of the transaction cycle:

  • cost reduction, operational restructuring and performance improvement implementation plan formulation, review and validation
  • operational performance reviews 
  • profit improvement opportunity identification
  • synergy reviews 
  • post-deal operational performance improvement / support

Valuation services

Our Valuation practice helps companies successfully realize the value of their assets in today’s rigorous regulatory environment by providing independent and well-supported valuations. We understand how to develop value conclusions under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), tax and regulatory rules that allow companies to understand the value of an entity, asset or liability so they can make informed business and investment decisions. We help clients to properly quantify and articulate value for taxation, transaction, financing, and strategic management purposes.

Buy side advisory

Whether you are a strategic or financial buyer involved in an acquisition, leveraged buyout, joint venture, or alliance, we can support your transaction with a complete range of advisory and specialized buy-side transaction services, including:

  • establishing acquisition goals and criteria
  • performing target evaluation and financial modeling
  • conducting business valuations and competitive assessments
  • assisting with bid preparations
  • assisting with negotiation, structuring and closing the transaction with the seller and financing sources
  • coordinating with Consulting to provide post-transaction integration services related to accounting and financial reporting systems, cash management programs, operations and human resources.

Sell side advisory

Whether you plan to sell all or part of your business, we bring extensive industry knowledge and local market experience from around the globe to your transaction. Throughout the sale or divestiture process?from initial planning and marketing through due diligence, closing, and post-closing?we can help you anticipate and address issues that arise. Specifically, we can help with:

  • analysis of viable shareholder alternatives
  • business valuation
  • pre-sale due diligence
  • identification of qualified strategic and financial buyers globally
  • development of a confidential selling memorandum
  • assistance in transaction origination, structuring, negotiations, and closing