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D-rive GO™

Driving assessment app for telematics services

D-rive GO is an app for telematics services that analyzes driving data gathered by your smartphone's GPS and accelerometer and evaluates the safety of your driving. It also helps you drive safer by notifying you of the danger level of the area you are moving in.

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D-rive GO collects and analyzes driving data to evaluate driving safety

D-rive GO collects and analyzes driving data to evaluate driving safety

D-rive GO is an app which takes driving data gathered by your smartphone's GPS, accelerometer, and other functions, analyzes it in the cloud, and displays a driving safety score reflecting the characteristics of your driving on your smartphone.



Driving assessment report 

Every time you drive, data from your smartphone’s accelerometer, location services, and other functions is analyzed to assess your driving in categories such as steering, braking, speeding, and acceleration, in addition to an overall evaluation score.

Display of travel records

Records of your past journeys are displayed on a map, along with the danger levels of the areas you travel through. Past actions such as sharp turns, sudden braking, and rapid acceleration are also displayed on the map.

Archive-based tendency analysis

The app can display archived data for travel dates, times, distances, itineraries, and other details going back up to six months, giving you insight into tendencies and changes in your driving.

User rankings and share function for social media

D-rive GO also features user rankings and lets you post driving results directly to various social media platforms. More functions will be added gradually in the future.

Using the app requires the installing of a beacon* in the target vehicle.

*Beacon: Uses a signal transmitted through the app, installed on a smartphone or other device, to detect when the device enters or leaves the beacon’s sensor coverage (short-distance location information). It can also transmit information to and receive information from the device.

Note: This app evaluates driving based on driving data, and is not intended to prevent accidents.

Note: As it is dangerous, please do not use applications or cellphones while driving.

Note: For detailed instructions on how to use the app and other details, please see the information included in the app. 

Note: Images for illustrative purposes only. The actual app may be different depending on device type, changes to specifications, and other changes.

Note: Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Services Co., Ltd. has applied to register D-rive GO™ as a trademark (application number 2017-71833). 

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