2013 Q2 Global CFO Signals

An uneven recovery

There’s a recovery out there. Didn’t you get the memo?

Judging from the results of the latest Global CFO Signals report, which features surveys from 19 geographies, there is a bit of a disconnect in the outlooks of finance executives worldwide - both for their home countries and own companies. Still, despite continued uncertainty over regulation, taxes, and other economic factors, CFOs globally seem united in their push for growth.

  • Australia: Safe to go back into the water?
  • Austria: Uncertainty on the rise again
  • Belgium: Call for action
  • Bulgaria: Intensifying vigilance
  • Croatia: Caution on the verge
  • Czech Republic: All eyes on corporates
  • Estonia: Economic stability emerging
  • Hungary: Preparing for tough times
  • Ireland: Riding the tide of uncertainty
  • Latvia: Driven by people
  • Netherlands: Optimism inches forward
  • North America: An air of optimism
  • Romania: Business as usual
  • Serbia: In a sea of uncertainty
  • Slovakia: Pessimistic sentiments
  • Slovenia: Braced for contraction
  • Switzerland: Recovery continues
  • United Kingdom: Planning for growth
Q2 2013 Global CFO Signals report(PDF)
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