Cross-border Offerings Services

Flexible Fundraising in the Global Capital Markets

Deloitte's one-stop solution provides assistance with cross-border IPOs and secondery listings

Cross-border Offerings Services Group

Our cross-border offerings services group provides global companies with exclusive and high-quality IPO services in the global capital markets.
As you explore various fundraising options, we can provide you with high-quality, one-stop services to meet your various needs in collaboration with overseas Deloitte member firms and our Japanese Services Group (“JSG”).
Our services include providing companies with start-up support, comparative analyses of overseas markets, assistance with overseas expansion, establishing an appropriate management structure, and advising on local subsidiary listings and parent company secondary listings.

・ Asian Markets Listing
・ US Markets Listing
・ Japanese Markets Listing for Overseas Companies
・ Advisory Services for Adoption of IFRS/US GAAP
・ Restructuring Advisory Services
・ Assistance with Preparation of Various Financing Related Documents (in Japanese or English)

Advising on Listing Schemes in Various Regions of the World

Companies are increasingly seeking a listing in the primary or secondary capital markets of the countries in which they do business for various purposes such as fundraising or increasing brand visibility. We provide companies with seamless services ranging from listing planning, including identifying the most appropriate securities markets as well as execution of the listing in accordance with the company’s needs.

Various Needs Under a Company’ Globalization Strategy

● Country or Region
USA , EMEA , China, Hong Kong , Korea , Taiwan , Singapore , SEA , Japan

● Needs
Fundraising , Increasing Brand Visibility, Promotion of Localization on Overseas Entities , M&A , Taxation , Governance Structure

Various Global Offerings

● How to Finance
Choice of Financing May Depend on Use of Proceeds

Primary Listing , Secondary Listing , Local Subsidiary’s Listing
REIT, Business Trust Listing , Bond Issuance

● Selection of Markets (If going for listing)
Assistance with project management in accordance with markets’ features and regulations

・Primary Market
・Bond Market
・Venture (Growth Enterprise) Market
・Trust Market 

Our Mission Under Our “As One” Strategy

We can coordinate inbound/outbound cross-border offerings in collaboration with Deloitte overseas member firms under Deloitte’s global strategy. 

Our Successful Offerings Services

We have provided Japanese and overseas companies with various inbound and outbound global offerings services.