Performance Magazine - issue 31


Performance Magazine - issue 31

January 2020

2020 will be a year to remember. It is the start of a brand-new decade full of opportunities and challenges, Deloitte as a global firm will be celebrating its 175th anniversary, Deloitte Luxembourg will be marking its 70th birthday and finally, Performance is 10 years old. As we mentioned in the previous edition (our 30th!), we will continue to provide pearls of wisdom to you, our readers, and this edition is no exception.
In continuing our world tour, this time we have landed in Poland and have leapt straight into discovering the new banking battlefield of Value Added Services. Exploring this theme further leads us to the thorny issue of privacy and confidentiality; keeping any data secure is a challenge but one which is significantly magnified in the domain of financial services. Deloitte has worked with The World Economic Forum since 2015 on this very topic and in this edition, we are thrilled to share with you five privacy enhancing techniques including federated analysis, homomorphic encryption and secure multiparty computation. Will these become the buzz phrases of the decade?

One theme that is sure to dominate our industry during the next decade is the continued advance of technological innovation, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology. However, this comes with a substantial price tag–that of ensuring the existence of robust risk management frameworks coupled with experienced personnel to assess, monitor, and mitigate the risks. 

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