Japanese Services Group (JSG) 

Established as a special-purpose business group to address the unique needs of Japanese companies operating overseas, the Japanese Services Group (JSG) is a global network centered around the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group and boasts a long history and successful track record of over 40 years.

Global JSG Leader's Message

The Japanese Services Group (JSG) was established 40 years ago to provide global services to Japanese companies expanding overseas. Since our establishment, we have been working together with clients around the world.

Today, the world is facing political and economic changes that never have been experienced before, and the business challenges of Japanese clients are also becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. In addition, considering the declining population trend in Japan, it is both obvious and a major challenge for Japanese companies to grow their business through globalization.

We will work together to support the business development of Japanese clients globally through the optimal combination of our resources: Deloitte's global network, expertise, industry knowledge, and bilingual professionals.

Global JSG Leader, Shuichi Morishige


Our executives

Service structure

The Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, the Deloitte member firms of each country, and the JSG network provide global services to Japanese companies through a unified service framework.

Overseas deployment / Bilingual professionals / Locations

We have deployed over 300 expatriates from Japan to a total of 31 countries and 80 cities in the Americas, EMEA, and AP regions.The members deployed from Japan to overseas offices expand their fields of activities as Japanese global talents, and provide even deeper and broader support to Japanese companies with the skills and networks they have cultivated while working overseas.

At present, the JSG network comprises 1,096 Japanese-speaking professionals
including Japanese expats and local bilingual members as well as Deloitte
professionals from around the world.


*We do not offer Japanese language support in this country. Please contact us through the “Contact us” page for more information about our services.

Services offered

*We may be able to provide services not listed below, please contact us for details.

  • Audit & Assurance:Audit Innovation、IFRS、IPO、Audit Advisory
  • RIsk Advisory:Accounrting & Internal Controls、Cyber、Strategic Risk、Regulatory
  • Financial Advisory:Mergers & Acquisitions、Crisis Management、Restructuring Service、Intellectual Property
  • Consulting:Strategy, Analytics, M&A、Customer and Marketing、Core Business Operations、Human Capital、Enterprise Technology and Performance
  • Tax:International Tax、Transfer Pricing、Indirect Tax、Global Employer Services、Family Consulting
  • Legal:Corporate, Risk Management、M&A, Organizational、Restructuring、Labor and Employment Law、Tax Appeal and Litigation
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