Service offering for Pension advisory services

Achieving maximum value

Our Pension advisory services professionals work with employers to develop pension strategies that meet comprehensive human resource strategies. Our pension strategies are cost-effective and financially viable, address critical compliance-related issues and achieve maximum value through effective employee communication support. Our approach includes: 


•Future simulation of retirement benefit liabilities and expenses
•Finance management review of tax qualified pension plan
•Finance management review of employees’ pension fund
•Benefit model analysis
•Investment organization review
•Manager structure review

Implementation support:

Plan design

•Transition from tax qualified pension plan
•Transition from employees’ pension fund
•Financial impact analysis
•Consensus-building support
•Compliance review

Portfolio management

•Pension fund asset & liability management
•Policy asset mix management
•Asset manager structure

Defined contribution pension plan

•Implementation time-line
•Service provider selection support
•Communication support

Ongoing plan management

•Employee communication and education
•Pension compliance review
•Investment guideline
•Quarterly performance evaluation and monitoring
•Pension fund governance