Japanese Services Group (JSG) 

The Japanese Services Group (JSG), has delivering service and meet the needs of Japanese multinational companies operating in overseas markets over the past 40 years.

Global Network

The Japanese Services Group (JSG), established in 1975, for responding to the needs of Japanese multinational companies operating in overseas markets. Over the past 40 years, the JSG has delivering service with a special global network of the professionals in each Deloitte member firm.

JSG has global network, approximately 1,100 professionals.
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Global JSG Co-Leader's Message

Today, we are facing various challenges by political and economic change which we had never experienced before. Japanese companies are also facing complicated and sophisticated business challenge, and struggling to globalize and develop for their business outside of the Japan which has declining population.

JSG commits to supporting business development of Japanese companies, by combining our experienced knowledge in market, bilingual professionals and global network of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group.

Global JSG Leader, Shuichi Morishige 


The JSG is frequently used by Deloitte as a role model for setting the "standard" for expertise and collaboration in providing seamless service on a global basis. The JSG is focused on delivering value and excellence to our clients with a gloal network of superb professionals. We are previleged to co-lead the Global JSG for Japanese clients' global success.

Global JSG Leader,  George Warnock 

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