German Desk

Deloitte maintains a German Desk presence in the Deloitte Office in Tokyo to provide full attention to German multinational clients operating in Japan.

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About Services

The German Desk serves German multinational companies with the goal of providing exceptional service quality to local operations in Japan. In addition, we support our clients in identifying experts within the Deloitte network in Japan and facilitate communication and problem solving on an ongoing basis. German Desk members support engagement work through the entire lifecycle, from initial contact to engagement end, making sure client expectations are exceeded. 


Our offerings for subsidiaries of German companies encompass the complete range of Deloitte services. The German Desk acts as a single gateway to access the entire network of Deloitte professionals in Japan:

To address multidisciplinary professional requests and to enhance team knowledge and experience, the German Desk in Japan integrates experts from Consulting, Audit, Tax and Financial Advisory Services

We use the full breadth of capabilities of the Deloitte network in Japan and ensure that the relevant knowledge and insight of the respective client service team in Germany is leveraged

Our German Desk members well connected with the German Business Community in Japan as well as with Deloitte’s global account teams ensuring global quality standards in Japan