A marketing model for orphan drugs

Keys to success in the orphan drug business

Issues and challenges in orphan business and how promotional activities are different from traditional mass markets.

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A marketing model for orphan drugs - Keys to success

It is not uncommon for rare disease patients, that it takes more than 10 years to receive a definite diagnosis after the initial physician visit. In the orphan business, pharmaceutical companies are expected to take a role to promote early diagnosis and medication to prevent disease progression, in addition to drug development and securing a stable drug supply. In this context, MRs are required to provide physicians with patient/case-based information and consider suitable marketing activities based on disease and drug profile. This article discusses characteristics and keys to success in the orphan drug business, as well as expected roles of MRs, challenges they are likely to face as well as latent issues that pharmaceutical companies must address.

※This report issued in August 2013.

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