Transparency guidelines and disclosure payments

Global trends and potential use of information

This paper summarizes our analysis of disclosed payment and introduces the Sunshine Act in the US and other countries transparency systems.

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Transparency guidelines

Based on the “Transparency Guidelines for the Relationship between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions” established by the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (published on January 19th, 2011 and revised on March 21st, 2013, below “Transparency Guidelines”), the pharmaceutical industry is being requested to disclose information on payments to doctors and healthcare institutions. The first year for which companies are to provide disclosure is FY2012, and as of October 15th, 2013, of the 70 companies in the JPMA, 64 large and medium-sized companies have completed their disclosure. Upon analysis of the disclosed information, the circumstance of each company’s R&D and sales promotion activities, as well as the differences in the way each company has responded to disclosure guidelines can be seen. Furthermore, similar information is requested in the US as a result of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. Because this might also have effects on the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, it should be examined.

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