Past Seminar: Financial Times & Deloitte Asia Pharma-Healthcare Summit

Adapting to regional trends in health economics and supporting investment

Leading professionals and thought leaders will answer questions, propose solutions and discuss the future of the healthcare sector throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

20 May 2015 | Intercontinental Hotel | Singapore

Healthcare in Asia is undergoing major transformation. Rapid economic growth and shifting epidemiological trends have led to increased expectations of both quality and affordability. Naturally, the agenda for growth and change in healthcare throughout Asia translates to an exciting but challenging business environment for the life sciences industry, especially for pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to expand into the region.

The prospects for pharma-healthcare businesses in Asia are linked to a series of key questions: Which countries have the most industry-friendly approval processes? What are the various payment structures? What are the boundaries for relations with key opinion leaders? Where are the most attractive opportunities for investment and collaboration?

Visit the conference website at to learn more about the speakers, topics discussed and view photo garalley.


  • The changing healthcare needs of populations in Asia
  • Achieving sustainable access to healthcare across Asia
  • View from the top: Exploring unchartered territories in Asia
  • How commercially durable is Asia’s healthcare and life sciences industry?
  • Managing market access challenges
  • Market access strategy – the key to success in Asia
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders