Deals and Divestitures:Trends in Japanese M&A

October 2014 Update

In tandem with industry consolidations in the domestic market, Japanese companies are shedding non-core and underperforming businesses to become leaner, more efficient companies.This special newsletter produced by Deloitte in collaboration with Mergermarket analyzes this trend and other M&A activity that is defining Japan today.

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Highlights from the newsletter include:

The Japanese market and dealmakers continue to be driving forces for M&A in the region.Japan’s ongoing wave of outbound transactions remains firmly in the spotlight as a defining feature of the country’s M&A scene. While mega deals like Suntory Holdings acquisition of U.S. distiller Beam Inc. for ¥1.6tn. (US$16bn) have been rare, overseas transactions have reached record levels in recent years as domestic enterprises target foreignb shores to expand.

In the domestic market, M&A activity has been more moderate as of late, with deal values shrinking and deal volumes leveling off in 2014 compared to the previous year. New policies encouraging corporate estructuring, in the form of consolidations and divestitures, are driving a number of corporates to sell off non-core or underperforming businesses; thereby, providing opportunities for private equity firms and international players to enter the market.

Aside from interviews with M&A transaction specialists, Atsushi Noda, Partner, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory Co., Ltd., and Brian Lightle, Executive Officer, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory Co., Ltd., the newsletter includes an in-depth analysis of M&A activity in Japan.

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