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Reputation Management Practice at Kyushu University

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is working with Kyushu University to study issues, formulate policies, and set action plans to become a global leading university.

1. The university effort

Japan’s national universities are now facing severe environment with external factors which make it more challenging for them each year; every university is facing various problems such as shrinking budget and less attractiveness to the top students from both local and international markets. However, Kyushu University (KyushuU) aims to live up to its mission of “becoming a top-level education and research hub”, and is working with huge effort to improve global competitiveness in research, to achieve this goal. On the other hand, in order to become a worldwide platform for intellectual knowledge, KyushuU needs to fundamentally improve its research capabilities, in addition to creating specific programs to attract researchers and students from around the world. Universities’ reputation is an important factor for researchers that are in the phase of selecting where to work and international students searching where to study abroad, and also  essential in making partnership agreements with other universities. Thus, building a positive international reputation has become a extremely big issue. 

KyushuU is just one of many Japanese universities that have not been consciously or actively involved in building up their international reputation. Some believe that this attitude could lead to non-accurate reputation compared to what their high substantive capabilities (i.e. they have not build an appropriate reputation). Based on this reality, KyushuU must recognize its current reputation, and then investigate what subsequent actions must be take in order to build a reputation that conveys KyushuU’s capabilities and gives primary stakeholders around the globe a both accurate and improved evaluation of KyushuU.

SHARE-Q:Strategic Hub Area for top-global Research and Education - Kyushu University (External site)

Kyushu University Website (External site)

2. Message from Vice President at Kyushu University

Based on the plan “Establishing the Strategic Hub Area for Top Global Research and Education, Kyushu University (SHARE-Q),” Kyushu University will seek to improve its governance and systems for promoting education, research and internationalization, taking full advantage of its distinctive strengths and characteristics to become, within the next 10 years, a globally leading center of academic productivity and excellence.

We believe that World University Rankings does not reflect our true value. Hence, we will consider reputation management in order to show our strength in research and education.

Under this circumstances, we have been working with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, to study our reputation in the international market by conducting competitors analyses, interviews to international students, and set goals and establish a proper organization structure and action plans.

Based on the action plan, our global PR team will proactively work to raise Kyushu University’s presence in the international market.

Professor Kazuo Ogata

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