Real Estate Predictions 2018

Building the Future

The 2018 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the Real Estate industry, developed by Deloitte Netherlands, examines the Real Estate trends for 2018 that could impact your business, including blockchain, co-working, robotics, and more.

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The real estate and construction market has been changing over the past few years. With all these changes going on, Deloitte Real Estate is releasing the Real Estate Predictions 2018. We have developed a series of articles which will come out once a week beginning on the 18th of January. We hope the predictions enhance your understanding of the opportunities within the Real Estate industry. Have an interesting read!

Real Estate Predictions 2018: Building the Future

1 | Wellness, work and real estate

A rise in the recognition and understanding of the relationship between the wellbeing of the workforce and productivity is leading businesses and developers to explore ways in which the physical building can promote wellness. Factors that can improve wellness range from natural light, air quality, noise, and office design. The introduction of new standards should encourage more businesses to participate.

Read the article 'Wellness, work and real estate'.

2 | The rise of co-working space and the need for smart buildings

Co-working spaces continue to gain popularity and the Internet of Things is critical to competitive advantage in this field. Therefore cyber risk and privacy protection must be on top of mind of the real estate investor.

Read the article 'The rise of co-working space and the need for smart buildings'.

3 | Real Estate decision makers of the future

A corporates’ organization design has been evolving with the faster pace of technology, a greater level of workforce agility, and the changing nature of job roles, all of which are impacting the way in which we interact with the physical workplace. The need to influence property decisions comes from various parts of a business and ultimately the decision makers are changing to include: CTO, CIO, CEO and HR.

Read the article 'Real Estate decision makers of the future'.

4 | Fintechs: Complementing the real estate ecosystem

Fintechs have made rapid inroads into the real estate industry. The general notion is often that startups are a threat to incumbent real estate companies as they are offering innovative solutions and enhanced user experiences at a relatively lower cost and faster pace. However, traditional real estate companies can leverage fintechs to drive operational efficiency, create powerful tenant experiences or even diversify existing business and generate new revenue sources. Real estate companies can consider various approaches to tap into the fintech space. 

Read the article 'Fintechs: Complementing the real estate ecosystem'.

5 | Robotic and cognitive automation part 1

What is robotic and cognitive automation, and how is it transforming the real estate industry? In the first of two articles we will share our thoughts of this technology.

Read the article: 'Reduce the productivity gap with robotic and cognitive automation (R&CA)'.

6 | Robotic and cognitive automation part 2

Part 2 of our look at robotic and cognitive automation.

Read the article: 'Robotics for Real Estate Services'.

7 | Why public sector real property leaders should welcome disruption and transform their operating and service delivery models

Public sector real property organizations have an opportunity to fully embrace digital disruption, transform their property operations and portfolios, and benefit from lessons learned in the private sector. Today’s traditional public sector property organizations typically serve multiple clients that span across many programs of which deliver a wide-range of benefits for the local population. 

The article is preparing: 'Transforming Real Estate Operations'.

8 | The future of commercial real estate

Social, economic, ecological, political, and technological disruptions will change the way we work, live and shop. These developments will have a significant impact on today’s established market players in the commercial real estate sector and their share of the value chain. Who will be successful and who will become obsolete in our future real estate world?

Read the article: 'The future of commercial real estate in Europe'.

9 | Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been adopted in the real estate industry over the past few years, however, the pace in which the adoption is taking place is rapidly increasing and traditional roles are being fragmented. What are the lessons learnt so far?

Read the article: 'Blockchain for real estate - Rome wasn't built in a day'.

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